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Episcopal Afghan Aid

You are part of the next step. Decide to respond to the events of September 11, 2001 by siding with life and supporting a hopeful global future.

Millions of Afghan refugees are experiencing drought, starvation, disease, and the trauma of displacement and fear for their lives.
Those of us within the Episcopal church know the support and prayers of a powerful and loving national and international communion. Out of our abundance--material and intangible--we can give to others. Please join us in mobilizing our amazing Episcopal church structure to help.

According to the BBC, on any given day, 60% of the people in Afghanistan listen to the BBC's broadcasts. They are interested in hearing what free societies have to say. It is possible that we can communicate, through actions taken on the local level, and by contributing to a support network of national and international proportions, that the people of the US don't wish the people of Afghanistan harm. This is 3rd track diplomacy-- perhaps one of the slowest, but also the most lasting, ways of making peace.

Our prayers and concern do have consequences.

Here's what you can do:

* Add the people of Afghanistan to your prayer list.
* Bring print-outs of articles that have informed or moved you--set up a bulletin board display.
* Encourage children in Sunday School to participate in relief efforts by sending $1 each to the White House.
* Contact others in your church. Start a conversation.
* Hold a forum or coffee hour discussion on this topic.
* Encourage and join with others in research--via the web, print, film, radio, or personal interviews.
* Use the web, media, and personal contacts to identify which agencies are granting aid, and how we can work with them. Let us know!
* Collect money or items of use and deliver them to an aid organization. Write letters and cards of sympathy.
* Contact your diocese: Ask your bishop to write a letter of support for your diocesan newsletter and homepage. Can you write an article about your activities?
* Tell us you've joined the conversation, and we'll add your parish name here.
* Tell us your diocese has joined the conversation, and we'll add your diocese name here.
* Let us know what activities you've undertaken, and we'll share them under 'Success Stories'.

Please bookmark episcopalafghanaid and tell your friends!

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